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Lover's events are here to get everyone involved, from tackling sexual shame to learning how you can experience more pleasure, either solo or with a partner.

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You’ll learn:
• How to understand the relationship cycle Sexual Communication do's and don'ts
• How to break sexual habits and learn new ways to sexually explore
• How to sustain and build lasting attraction
• How to combine both intimacy and passion
• Why masturbation matters (for you and your partner)

Attendees will also receive 30% off of subscriptions to the Lover app and additional resources recommended by our panelists for continued exploration.

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Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body
April 27th 2021

Say goodbye to stress, and hello to pleasure. It's time to revolutionize your sex life by bringing mindfulness into the bedroom.

About this event

Everyone experiences stress, but we all deserve a healthy and happy sex life.

Has your mind ever wandered during sex and taken you out of the moment? Maybe when you are in the moment, you're confronted by performance anxiety, or you worry about taking "too long" to have an orgasm. Other times, you may simply be too burnt out to engage erotically.

If you're ready to prioritize your pleasure, don't miss "Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body," a live panel discussion brought to you by Lover, the Vulva Dialogues and Future of Sex. Join us for a free online panel talk with global industry experts who will teach you practical tips, tricks and techniques to improve your sex life with a better mind-body connection.

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How to Reignite Your Sexual Spark
August 1st 6:00 - 7:30 PM PST

The Panelists
 •  Dr Britney Blair, Clinical Psychologist and Lover Co-Founder