Lover Firesides

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How to Reignite Your Sexual Spark

August 1st 6:00 - 7:30 PM PST

Prioritise your pleasure with our August Fireside event. Learn practical tips to reconnect with your partner to keep your flame alive.

The Panelists

Dr. Britney Blair, Lover Co-Founder and Clinical Psychologist

About this Event

Everyone agrees that affection and love can lead to wonderful and fulfilling sex. But it is a cruel and unspoken truth that the comfort and closeness that we enjoy in long-term relationships can also lead to less adventurous and satisfying sex.

You’ll Learn

How to understand the relationship cycle

• Sexual Communication do's and don'ts

• How to break sexual habits and learn new ways to sexually explore

• How to sustain and build lasting attraction

• How to combine both intimacy and passion

• Why masturbation matters (for you and your partner)


Attendees will receive 30% off of subscriptions to the Lover app and additional resources recommended by our panelists for continued exploration.