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10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Couples

This Valentine’s Day may be extra difficult to find the right gift for your partner, but remember: it’s the thought that counts! While there is no such thing as a bad gift (a present is a present), there is such a thing as a great gift.

The secret? According to science, it’s not about spending all your money on an extravagant gift but instead giving them something they can treasure long after they’ve opened it.

Whether you’re on date number two or lifelong partners, these gifts will help you to create memories that you’ll both be thankful for.

For the Valentine in need of a date night:

Let the dice decide for once: what cuisine to have for dinner, what genre of movie to watch and most importantly, what sex position to do for desert.

For the Valentine who loves compliments:

Fishing for compliments? Buy this for your partner. It’s a two player game, and goes like this: each player has half a pack of cards, then they both reveal the top of the stack at the same time. If the card best fits your opponents personality, they take both the cards -- and vice versa. Whoever ends up with the most cards at the end wins. In the spirit of love, maybe don’t try and take all the cards.

For the couples who cook:

The Couple's Cookbook is written by a married couple, so the recipes are designed for cooking as a pair. Marriage isn’t a prerequisite; all you need is your mutual hunger for simple and comforting recipes, like Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Mexican-Style Slaw, and Caramel Cheesecake.

For the couples who journal:

Communicating about sex just became much easier. This sex journal is packed full of communication tips, exercises and writing prompts to get you in the habit of being open about your sex life. This one is also great to use in tandem with exercises in the Lover app, just sayin’.

For the Valentines who want to deepen their connection:

Sit down, space out to some music, and enjoy these 150 questions to spark deep and meaningful conversations.

For the Valentine in a rut:

The tagline “Sex Every Day in Every Way” is enough to get any couple excited. With this by your bed, you can switch it up every night!

For the Valentine who wants to make memories:

Upgrade date night with this two-in-one present that can accompany your date nights at home. This set comes with a book of 50 adventurous date ideas, and a camera to capture all the memories. The best thing about it -- your dates remain a mystery until you scratch off a challenge. You’ll also have the next 49 dates lined up for you.

For the daring (or truthful) Valentine:

Does a game of Truth or Dare ever get old? Turn up the heat with this sexy truth or dare, and get your partner revealing their juiciest secrets.

For couples in need of ideas:

Once you’re done with Valentine’s Day wooing, you can use these sex dice to turn up the heat. Roll to pick: red is foreplay, white is sex. The cherry on the top: there’s over 800 foreplay combinations and 7,000 love making combinations to keep you entertained with. Mind. Blown.

For nostalgic couples:

Rumour has it that when Twister was first released, department stores wouldn’t stock it because it was “too risque” (Sears). You can understand why, your face always ends right up in someone’s business.


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