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7 Sexuality Advocates to Celebrate

In celebration of Women’s History Month, it's time to review some of the key trailblazers who have inspired change in the world of sex and sexuality. From Helen O'Connell, a urologist who revealed the first ever 3D image of the clitoris -- all the way to Erika Hart, a sex educator and all round role-model for discourse on intersectional sexuality. These sex activists have created change that has led us to where we are today (and will continue to shape our future).

Betty Dodson

Hailed the “Guru of Self Pleasure”, Dodson found her calling after inviting a group of women to her New York apartment for a genital “show and tell.” There, she taught how each vulva was unique -- varying in shape, size and color. She also showed women how vibrators are used (and recommended Le Wand as the “Cadillac of vibrators”). Her legacy has inspired others, like post-porn modernist Annie Sprinkle, to continue paving the way in sexuality for years to come.

Gayle Rubin

Rubin is best known for being an ardent activist, anthropologist and theorist of sex and gender since the 1960s. Across her career, Rubin has covered topics from sadomasochism to queer theory, as well as the histories of queer cultures. If you're new to Rubin's work, her interview with Judith Butler goes into great detail about her research on sex topics.