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Am I Bisexual If I Have A Crush On A Girl? | Ask Dr. Blair


I've always been in heterosexual relationships (with men), but recently I had a crush on a girl and even fantasies about it. Does that mean I'm bisexual? I've never been interested in women before.

Dr. Blair's Answer:

The fact that you have a crush on a girl just means that you have a crush on a girl. Lucky you!

While generally people's sexual identity is based on the gender(s) to which they are primarily attracted, the science increasingly suggests that our sexuality is more fluid than previously thought.

Maybe we don't have to pick a box?

Sexual identity and labels are highly personal and I would invite you to choose whatever feels right for you.

And...for what it's worth...most women have experienced a crush or sexual fantasy about another woman at some point in their lives and whether you choose to act on this fantasy is completely up to you!

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