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Valentine’s Date Night Ideas While You’re Stuck at Home

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, you may not be able to do everything that you once planned for Valentine’s Day, but that’s okay! These restrictions don’t mean that you and your partner can’t have a romantic and passionate time indoors. There are tons of activities you can do at home with your significant other on Valentine’s Day that are fun, romantic, and intimate.

Here are some Valentine’s Day date night ideas you and your significant other can do without leaving the house.

Cook Together

Something as simple as cooking with your partner can be a bonding experience. You can learn small things about your partner that you may have never known, like how they like to cook their eggs or secret recipes they’ve learned from their grandparents. It also can improve communication. Simple call-outs like “I need ¼ cup of sugar” can get you both used to conveying and listening to instructions from one another. Making memories with your significant other will last a lifetime and will be something you’ll never forget.

On Valentine’s Day, whip up a meal that feels extra and pair the courses with unique wines or mocktails. Since Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and intimacy, consider incorporating some ingredients known for raising your libido like oysters or asparagus. Don’t forget dessert, either! If baked goods aren’t your thing, go for a classic treat like chocolate-covered strawberries to top off your meal. This dessert can be an aphrodisiac for some, so feeding these fruits to your partner can be a part of some desire-boosting sensual foreplay.

Create a Spa Experience

What better way to release pent-up stress from the week than to have a relaxing spa-like experience at home with your partner? This one is great for busy couples who want to release some tension with their loved one without leaving the house. To create a spa experience, you don’t need much. Set the mood by putting on some romantic music, turn the lights down low, and light some candles for a sensual ambiance. Draw a bubble bath for you and your significant other and let the warm water relax your muscles. For additional therapeutic benefits, add some Epsom salt to your bath to ease tension.

Follow up by giving each other massages. Depending on how you’re feeling, this can be a PG-rated massage or erotic R-rated relief. For a more sensual massage, take your time to really explore your partner’s body and parts that aren’t usually stimulated: their earlobes, fingertips or backs of the knees. Exploring different sensations of pressure and touch can help to increase desire and get you both ready for whatever comes next.

Play Some Sexy Games

Valentine’s Day should be all about having fun and connecting with your partner on multiple levels. Instead of playing a card or board game with your partner the regular way, why not take the games up a notch on Valentine’s Day? You can try one of the games from our list of Valentine’s Gifts for Couples, or raise the stakes in a game you already own. Write on each puzzle piece an article of clothing, and when you or your partner pulls a piece out, take off whatever clothing you’re instructed to.

Nurture Your Sex Life

Whatever it is, make sure that you’re properly prepped for the occasion. If you’re not sure where to start but want to kick things up a notch, try out our app. Along with using our sexual profiling tool to tell you what type of lover you are, you can work with science-backed exercises designed to help you increase desire, have more orgasms, and tackle specific issues like Erectile Dysfunction. Activities like exercising or masturbating can help to work through ED or other sexual difficulties and improve your libido on Valentine's Day.

Whether you use the date night ideas or you come up with some of your own, remember to enjoy yourself! Just because you’ll be indoors doesn’t mean you can’t have a sexy and fun time with your significant other. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box and have a night that you’ll never forget.


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