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by d_meyne – Oct 8, 2022

This app literally saved my relationship and renewed my intimacy with my husband. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.

Incredible informative and practical

by SMG1221 – Jan 14, 2023

Everything I knew about sex was wrong and it lead me to having many issues in the bedroom but lover app fixed every single issue with amazing information and practices. All my anxiety has been resolved thanks to this app. I can’t praise it enough

Fantastic Resource!

by Dalton1965 – Jan 24, 2023

Comprehensive, effective solutions for a couple of problems I was developing. Also found a great community of people facing similar issues who shared what had worked for them. Dr. Britney does a great job of explaining causes of different issues and realistic, unbiased solutions. Wel worth the subscription price!

Very Helpful App

by TLM2023 – Feb 19, 2023

I found this app to be very helpful when it comes to navigating asymmetrical desire between me and my partner. It also gave me the vocabulary and tools to work on rebuilding my desire and talking to my partner. I really liked that I could work through the modules at my own pace and when I felt comfortable. I also liked that I didn’t even feel embarrassed.

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