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The No.1 Digital

Therapeutic For Sex

Everything you need to treat sexual issues privately & effectively. 

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Private Treatment for Sexual Problems

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Get Better in Bed
with Expert Coaching

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Reconnect with Your Partner Through Tools & Games

Better Sex, Made Easy

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Exercises designed by doctors
87% of users report improvements
Trusted by 300,000+ people

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How Lover Works


Set Your Goal

Address an issue or improve your skills


Receive Your Plan

Daily exercises, personalized for you


Transform Your Sex Life

Audio and video guidance at every step

How It Works
How Lover Can Hep

Guidance from
Leading Experts

Dr. Britney Blair, PsyD, CBSM

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Proudly Part of the

FDA Safer Technologies Program

"Doctors can recommend the Lover app as a safe and effective treatment for sexual dysfunction"

Reset your sex life in 8-12 weeks

No embarrassing conversations

100% private


Join the 300,000+ People Using Lover to Improve Their Sex Lives

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2.8K Ratings

The app works wonders. I am thoroughly satisfied with my results after trying different exercises. I recommend this to all and everyone who wants to "get better" in the comfort of their own home.

Amazing App

DaGreatCoop, 10/09/2022

Leaning into the app and doing the exercises. Transforming my sex life. LOVE IT!!!

It's working ...

66EJD66, 09/27/2O22

This app saved my relationship and renewed intimacy with my husband. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.


d_meyne, 10/08/2022

This app helped me get out of my head while having sex. The lessons on the different types of desire and the arousal scale were a huge game changer. It's SO much easier to climax. I highly recommend this app.

Game Changer

R. Skywalka, 10/08/2022

This app is very detailed, knowledgeable, enlightening and accepting. Gave me the help I was not getting from anything or anyone else.

Very informative!

Tyshiznic, 09/29/2022


Lover in the Press

"A lot higher quality and more compassionate than where most people learn about sex. Makes you feel empowered, rather than sleazy."
“Personalized, science-based app for addressing your sexual concerns, increasing your pleasure and improving your skills in bed.”
"Using science-based tools and strategies, it's like having an on-demand sex therapist."
“The best relationship app for those dealing with particular issues like low libido, boredom, or dissatisfaction in the bedroom.”
“A sexual counselor for lovers that's free from the awkward and sometimes embarrassing visits to therapists and other medical professionals.”
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Intimacy Made Easy

Couples Coaching & Sex Therapy

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