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Get A Personal Trainer For Your
Sex Life

Personalized Programs

Address common intimacy issues 

Exercises written by Doctors

87% of users report improvements

Trusted by 300,000+ people

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How Lover Works


1. You identify which area of your sex life to improve, using our evaluation tool


2. We create a personalized plan of exercises & expert advice to get you there in 8-12 weeks


3. You receive audio and video training from specialists

at every step of your program

How It Works
How Lover Can Hep
Getting Hard, Made Easy

From Problems to Pleasure

With programs for women missing out on orgasm, men struggling to get hard, and much more.


The app works wonders. I am thoroughly satisfied with my results after trying different exercises. I recommend this to all and everyone who wants to "get better" in the comfort of their own home.

Amazing App

DaGreatCoop, 10/09/2022

Leaning into the app and doing the exercises. Transforming my sex life. LOVE IT!!!

It's working ...

66EJD66, 09/27/2O22

This app saved my relationship and renewed intimacy with my husband. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.


d_meyne, 10/08/2022

This app helped me get out of my head while having sex. The lessons on the different types of desire and the arousal scale were a huge game changer. It's SO much easier to climax. I highly recommend this app.

Game Changer

R. Skywalka, 10/08/2022

This app is very detailed, knowledgeable, enlightening and accepting. Gave me the help I was not getting from anything or anyone else.

Very informative!

Tyshiznic, 09/29/2022


Built On Science.
Designed By Doctors.
Powered By Technology.

Dr. Britney Blair and her team have decades of experience helping people improve their sex lives. Lover is the product of that experience.

Every exercise in the app is scientifically proven and written by a qualified healthcare professional. That's why 87% of people report improvements after using Lover.

Trusted by over 300,000 people worldwide

What the Press Say

"Lover's content is a lot higher quality and more compassionate than where most people learn about sex. The design and tone throughout makes you feel empowered, rather than sleazy."
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Guided Exercises,
Designed By Doctors

Every exercise in your program has been designed by a team of Doctors from The Clinic in San Francisco, and are clinically proven to work.

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