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From expert advice to scientifically proven exercises,  Lover has everything you need to build a vibrant sex life.


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Sex is no different to any other lifeskill. To move forward, you need to practice. Our evidence-based activities and learning modules build your skillset for more pleasure in bed.

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Separate the fact from the fiction and understand the truth about sex. Learn from Dr. Britney Blair as we turn you into an expert on sex. 

Prime Your Mindset

Your biggest sexual organ is your brain, so it makes sense to prime it for sex. We focus on making sure your headspace is optimized for the bedspace.

How Lover Can Help You

Dr. Britney Blair talks you through the Lover experience 

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"Such a fun and helpful app! Sparked some sexy conversation with my partner. 🔥"

BB197777, Jan 2020

"Best app ever and long overdue. The quiz nailed my personality and the games are so much fun!"

lyalyatinyhole, Jan 2020

"Let’s face it- we don’t talk enough about sex/sexual health in our relationships! This is a great app to gain more insight into your sexual self. Looking forward to exploring everything this app has to offer in the new year!"

"Great to go through by myself to get some new ideas, and really fun to go through with my partner. Opened up a lot of conversations."

Xalitare,  Dec 2019

Valesia2020, Jan 2020


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We have hours of activities covering everything from low desire to difficulty reaching orgasm. Choose your Goal and we’ll create your course based on decades of scientific research.