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About Dr. Margaret Flynn

Dr. Margaret Flynn specializes in couples therapy and sexual health. Dr. Flynn also treats clients for a range of concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and personal growth using cognitive behavioral and insight-oriented approaches. Dr. Flynn is curious, flexible, and authentic. With couples, Dr. Flynn works from an Emotionally Focused Therapy framework, facilitating change from distress to a secure bond from which the couple can more productively navigate conflict. In the context of a positive therapeutic relationship, Dr. Flynn believes that clients can heal, build self-efficacy, and feel better-prepared to meet life on its own terms. ​Dr. Flynn delivers therapy via telemedicine across the state of California.

After joining The Clinic in March of 2020, Dr. Flynn jumped at the opportunity to work with Dr. Blair on the Lover app to ensure content is evidence-based, accessible, and comprehensive in addressing your sexual needs.

Why Lover?

As a psychologist, Dr. Flynn knows how important it is to provide a space for clients to share and process anything and everything they are going through. As in most settings of our lives, she found that sex and sexuality were often ignored in therapy as well as in her schooling and training. Through providing education, skills, and support through therapy and the Lover app, Dr. Flynn hopes to be part of the solution for sexual health concerns, which come up for most people at some point in their lives and relationships. Dr. Flynn wants to maximize the accessibility of sexual health research and treatment, and that is exactly what the Lover app does. On your own time, schedule, and pace you can explore your sexuality, work towards sexual goals, get answers to difficult or uncomfortable questions, and engage with a supportive community.

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Clinical Psychologist, PsyD

Dr. Margaret Flynn


  • Pre Doctoral Internship, San Quentin State Prison, San Francisco

  • Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology

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