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This app literally saved my relationship and renewed my intimacy with my husband. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.


d_meyne, 10/08/2022

I am really so grateful for the Lover app! My partner and I both have found it incredibly helpful in finding comfort in our sexualities, which in turn helps us when we’re intimate together. Especially the turn on’s game—we’ve found we’re both interested in many of the same ones, which is exciting. I deal with a lot of purity culture trauma still, even after being married for almost eight years, but Lover has helped more than I imagined. Thank you for making such a wonderful app that works well and is educational!

Love the Lover app

Nadia-E, 10/08/2022

I have been using the app for a few months now and love it. It has helped me to learn and understand what kind of lover I am and what kind of lover my partner is. Him and I are now more open about our sex life and things we would like to experiment with and we owe it all to the Lover App. I would definitely recommend it!

Love the app

Melly Mel 74, 10/09/2022

I learned a lot through this app and it helped me gain confidence in a way I didn't know I needed. I'd strongly recommend giving it a try.

Great for self care and self awareness!

kfv.92, 10/08/2022

The app works wonders. I am thoroughly satisfied with my results after trying different exercises. I recommend this to all and everyone who wants to “get better” in the comfort of their own home.

Amazing App

DaGreatCoop, 10/09/2022

I’ve just started using the app, but for a topic that can be difficult, so far I’ve found it to be serious and intentional, while also putting fears to rest and approaching topics as very fixable. I’m really appreciating the tone and am excited to see where the program takes me.

Honest and respectful

HellToupée, Oct 27, 2022

This app has helped me and my husband explore different things in the bedroom and has helped me to open up about what I need and want without Shame or guilt! This app has truly helped my marriage and allowed me and my partner to reconnect!

Love this app

amandarenzi, 10/24/2022

This app is very detailed, knowledgeable, enlightening, and accepting. Gave me the help I was not getting from anything or anyone else.

Very informative!

Tyshiznic, Oct 29, 2022

Very helpful for communication and a good supplement to counseling.

Great app for couples

someonespecialwhocoulditbe, 10/08/2022

I love this app because it helps me with things I’d feel too embarrassed to discuss with a sex therapist, or any therapist, in person. I like that it goes in depth regarding your existing sexual profile, and provides suggestions particular to you. The “orgasm 101” was suggested for me, although I became too busy unfortunately to follow-through with that. When I have some extra money, I will likely buy the “forever” version (instead of the monthly subscription).

Love it!

S. Juskowich, 10/04/2022

Leaning into the app and doing the exercises. Transforming my sex life. LOVE IT !!!

It's working ...

66EJD66, 10/27/2022

Recently downloaded Lover and can’t wait to go through my “Just Curious” content with my boyfriend! We are always searching for ways to be more in tune with each other and lover is the solution we’ve been looking for. Dr. Blair has crafted tasteful and empowering content to help couples and singles feel more confident about their sex life. A must have for everyone who is looking for a deeper connection with themselves and their partner!

Lover is so empowering!

Pagentri, 10/13/2022

This app helped me get out of my head while having sex. The lessons on the different types of desire and the arousal scale were a huge game changer. It’s SO much easier to climax. I highly recommend this app.

Game Changer

R. Skywalka, 10/08/2022

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"Lover's content is a lot higher quality and more compassionate than where most people learn about sex. The design and tone throughout makes you feel empowered, rather than sleazy."