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About Dr. Ho

Dr. Valesia Ho is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, specializing in couples therapy, sexual health and trauma in addition to working with individuals managing anxiety, stress, depression and sleep concerns. Dr. Ho focuses on providing culturally-informed care to her clients and couples. 

During sex therapy, Dr. Ho's practice is to seek and understand the individual at a biological, psychological, and cultural level in order to further understand this impact on their sexual wellbeing. With a person-centered approach emphasizing compassion-focused and mindfulness-based traditions, Dr. Ho helps individuals and couples recognize patterns that keep people stuck and take steps towards living a values aligned life. This approach is something that Dr. Ho has sought to include throughout Lover’s courses to ensure they are holistic in treating our customer's sexual needs and goals. 

Outside of Lover, Dr. Ho works at The Clinic in California, as part of Dr. Blair’s team of Clinical Psychologists. She is an adjunct faculty member at The Wright Institute teaching courses on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a licensed clinical supervisor at Bay Area Trauma Recovery, a low fee clinic providing evidence-based interventions in the treatment of trauma.

Dr. Ho joined the Lover team in back in 2018 when she first started her post-doctoral fellowship. February 2020.

Why Lover?

Dr. Ho believes there is not enough open dialogue and discussion of sexual health, exploration of sexuality and how this impacts overall mental health. She views understanding self and connecting with others as a core component of the human experience for many people. It is her privilege to help individuals understand and address barriers to connecting with their own bodies and their partners. The Lover app is another pathway to help facilitate connection and ease in someone’s life, even if she does not have the opportunity to hear the person’s story directly. Understanding sexual selves through knowledge, research, practical exercises and tools can help people feel more sexually empowered, which is what Dr. Ho hopes Lover will help people cultivate.

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Clinical Psychologist, PsyD

Dr. Valesia Ho


  • Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology, Wright Institute, Berkeley

  • Master's Degree in Social Work, California State University East Bay

  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Neuroscience, University of San Francisco

  • Predoctoral Internship, California Department of State Hospitals, Napa

Meet the Team

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