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About Dr. Ty Canning

Dr. Canning is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with clinical and research interest in behavioral medicine. Dr. Canning works at The Clinic, California delivering therapy to couples and individuals for sleep problems and sexual health concerns. He is also the founder of Precision Psychological Medicine Corporation, which provides biofeedback interventions nationwide.


Dr. Canning specializes in mindfulness-based interventions and evidence-based treatments, for reducing the impact of stress and improving overall health. He regularly conducts workshops and presentations to local companies in California seeking to help their employees manage stress in the workplace and increase body awareness. 


Dr. Canning joined Lover’s team of Doctors in February 2020, and has fed his knowledge of stress management and body awareness across all of Lover’s courses.

Why Lover?

Early in his career Dr. Canning noticed that there is a quality of effort that many people put into their lives to make things work. In many aspects this is helpful, but in the areas of sleep and sex it gets in the way. He became fascinated by these natural passive processes and the ways a person can intervene while also holding lightly to the intervention. This art is a delicate one, which Dr. Canning enjoys helping people master. He joined Lover to increase access to this subtle yet powerful way of engaging with sexual concerns.

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Clinical Psychologist, PsyD

Dr. Ty Canning


  • Bachelor’s Degree, The University of California at Davis

  • Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology, PGSP-Standdord Psy.D

  • Pre-doctoral internship at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

Meet the Team

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