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Can heterosexual men also have anal sex? | Ask Dr. Blair


"Can heterosexual men also have anal sex? My girlfriend is persuading me to try it (as a passive side) and I'm curious to try it, but feel a bit weird and not sure it's normal."

Dr. Blair's Answer:

Anyone with an anus can have (and really enjoy!!) anal sex. So, that includes you!

Many heterosexual men enjoy anal sex either with their partner using a strap-on, or another dildo or sex toy. In fact, many men report having an orgasm while experiencing anal stimulation is more intensely pleasurable. So, give it a try and know that many other heterosexual men are doing it as well!

A couple of tips: only use toys that have a flared base and are designed for anal play. Too many trips to the emergency room with "foreign objects" lodged where they do not belong!

Also, make sure you use plenty of lube (more than you think may be needed) and go very very slow.

Focus on relaxing the muscles around your anus. Anal sex does not need to hurt. If it hurts, you may be going too quickly or not using enough lube.

Finally, never ever transfer a toy used for anal play to oral play or vaginal play, bacteria from the anus can cause problems if it shows up in other places.

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