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Lover's 10-Minute Daily "Sexercise" Workout

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

The team here at Lover are excited to reveal our new “sexual workout”, which is designed to get you “bedroom fit” in just 10 minutes a day.

The unique new “Sexercise” drill aims to help both men and women build and keep the kind of fitness that will improve their sexual performance and pleasure.

It has been developed by Dr. Britney Blair and San Francisco personal trainer Brian Thompson, and is a deliberately simple but effective routine design to optimize your fitness for better sex.

Brian Thompson explains that “You don’t need any equipment. You don’t need much space. It can take just 10 minutes a day, although I also show you how you can expand the workout, for even greater benefits.”

And of course - as with everything at Lover - the workout is based on genuine scientific insights from Lover founder Dr. Britney Blair. “The data are clear that exercise improves sexual desire and enhances sexual pleasure,” says Dr. Blair. “This workout is specifically targeted at improving stamina, performance and pleasure.”

What does a "Sexercise" workout look like?

It comprises a three-part circuit designed to get you sweating, your heart beating, and to work key muscle groups that we rely on in the bedroom.

The three-part workout breaks down as follows:

• Part A: Cardio – offers cardio exercises, to improve sexual desire, stamina and pleasure.

• Part B: Core – contains exercises to strengthen our core, in a way helpful for many sexual positions.

• Part C: Pelvic Floor – shows pelvic floor exercises, designed to make orgasm more attainable.

Why do we need an exercise routine for better sex?

Brian Thompson, personal trainer and presenter of the new workout, gives three reasons:

“First, better stamina and endurance, greater strength, and flexibility, all lead to better performance in the bedroom. Bottom line: physical activity that gets your heart beating faster and gets you breathing harder will translate to a better bedroom experience.

“Second, medical conditions like high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and obesity can also impact sexual performance – and in men that can mean erectile dysfunction.

“Improving these conditions through diet and exercise changes can have a profound impact on the way our bodies respond physiologically to sexual stimulation. Lifting weights and building muscle also increases androgen production for both men and women, which can increase sexual desire.”

“Third, if we’re battling body-image issues, that can be a wet blanket on our libido. When we perceive ourselves as sexy, we feel sexier and more willing to engage in sexual activity. The psychological impact of knowing we are taking care of ourselves invigorates us and boosts both our interest in and enjoyment of sex.”

Lover is a science based app for treating sexual issues and improving the quality of your sex life. Packed full of expert guidance, effective exercises and proven techniques, it is available for download on the App Store today.

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