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What’s Audio Erotica, and Where Can I Listen to It?

How does this sound to you?

Porn that represents every type of body.

Porn that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you are (as long as you have headphones).

Porn that doesn’t privilege the male gaze.

Porn that lets you create the imagery on your own terms, in your own mind, instead of living through someone else’s experience.

Porn can be a great addition to any fantasy life, but even feminist and queer porn, which tend to be far more inclusive than mainstream porn, are limited by visual possibility. Audio erotica has no such limits. It’s like getting lost in a book, if books let you have both hands free to roam.

Here’s where to find some great audio erotica.


Dipsea is an erotic storytelling app that stands out for its orientation options — including Her + Him, Her + Her, Them + Them — and for incorporating enthusiastic consent boundary setting. It’s women-founded and focuses on creating stories that listeners of any sexual preferences can enjoy.

On top of hundreds of erotic stories to get you in the mood for being sensual, the app also features sleep stories. Self-care at its finest.


Kampsite is the first ever audio erotica platform for gay, bisexual and curious men. Each week, real men publish their everyday lives and sexual experiences onto the platform — which makes for a very real and immersive listening experience.

You can choose to follow your favorite individuals, or upload your own stories, anonymously. New content every week and data privacy is their thing.


Quinn is an audio porn website for women that was founded by 22-year-old Stanford student Caroline Speigel back in 2019. Explore categories like “overheard sex,” “dirty talk,” and “moans,” and easily upload your own on a minimal interface that lets you listen immediately, no account required. Oh, and it’s free!


Not ready for a full erotica experience? Dip your toes in with Fangasm. This podcast reads aloud hot and steamy scenes and chapters from the best erotic novels. “Pop culture just got a boner.” Expect a heavy dose of comedic commentary, too. Discovery, laughter, and orgasms belong together.


Audiodesires is a “shame-free, kink-positive, and LGBTQ+-friendly” web app with English and Spanish audio erotica aimed at women and couples. Each episode is professionally produced and uses voice actors for a quality experience, so you can experience the finest “erotic fantasies whispered in your ear.” Its free membership tier lets you access four stories a month, so you can test the waters before you commit.

Dirty Diana

Dirty Diana is a fictional podcast starring and executive produced by Demi Moore. The premise is that the protagonist, Diana, secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their deepest darkest sexual fantasies as an escape from her failing marriage. Episodes include guest appearances by Lena Dunham, Naomi Scott, and Ava Gray.


Emjoy is an app with a mix of erotic stories and sexual wellbeing sessions that you can listen to anywhere. Your grocery run just got a whole lot more exciting. Categories include “His perspective,” “rough,” “fantasy,” “hookup,” and “romantic.” Each story tells you who’s in it, the scenario, and the connection between the people involved, such as “her+her,” “in public,” “hook-up,” and “spontaneous” for a story about a surprise SoulCycle connection.

Sweetheart Audio

New on the scene, Sweetheart Audio is a YouTube channel by a voice actor who roleplays scenarios from taking your ex-girlfriend on a brunch date to learning your girlfriend is a super villain to their AI roleplay. The YouTube channel is fairly safe for work, but head over to Sweetheart Audio’s Patreon for the smut.


FrolicMe is a collection of erotic stories, films, clips, images, and audio with creative depth, which makes it both graphic and sexually arousing. The audio erotica uses professional voice actors and a short-story format, and some of it is available for free.

Sofia Sins

Sofia Sins is a newly launched audio porn platform with an added twist. Unlike other audio erotica platforms, Sofia Sins allows users to listen to each side of every story, so you can hear the throws of passion of each person involved in the sexual encounter.


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