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These Erogenous Zones Want Your Attention

Do your eyes roll back in your head when someone tugs your hair? Does a firm foot massage send you into orbit? Each and every centimeter of the skin is jammed full of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of touch receptors, which explains why touching, stroking, tickling, and massaging can feel so stimulating.

The genitals, nipples, and lips typically get a lot of air time for being the MVPs of erogenous zones -- but if you’re only focusing on these during sexual play, you’re missing out.

Here are the areas that can turn sex into a full-body experience with a little more attention.

The Brain

Sapiosexuals are people who are drawn to intelligence and the mind. How cool is that? The truth is, the brain is the most powerful sexual organ that humans have. Intellectual stimulation can be a great and simple way to heighten arousal.

Techniques to try: Experiment with some dirty talk for seduction of the mind. If you’re solo, try some audio or literary erotica, like (example). With a partner, tell them what you love about them (their touch, their taste, the warmth of the body) and why. Start with a simple sentence, then work up from there.

The Scalp

If you’ve ever had your hair washed at a salon, you know just how good a scalp rub can feel. Many of us are so used to washing our own hair that this type of touch from someone else feels new and exciting: the hair tugging, the pressure rub at the back of your head where all the tension sits, the lingering touch at your temples. It’s enough to make you want to book a haircut right now.

Techniques to try: Run your fingertips through your partner’s hair, and then move onto a firmer scalp massage using the pressure of your fingers. If you don’t have someone else’s hands available, try a head tingler.

The Ears

There’s a memorable scene in the film The Intouchables where Phillipe, who has lost all sensation in his lower body due to a paragliding accident, receives an arousing earlobe massage. Phillipe had it right: the ears are the unsung heroes of the erogenous zones, and an easy way to get turned on. Some people even claim they can climax from stimulation of the ear canal. That said, please don’t go sticking your tongue in your partner’s ear without warning. An unwarranted wet willy is not cool!

Techniques to try: Tuck your hair or your partner’s hair behind the ears, running your fingers around the edges. Give the earlobes a massage with your thumb and index finger or breathe gently in and around the ear.

The Neck

Do you remember the good old days of hickeys or love bites? There’s a reason for it, a study in 2018 found that this body part is a vulnerable place where many people (especially those with vulvas) love to be touched. Before diving in, just make sure your partner wants to be touched there by tuning into their body cues or asking for their permission.

Styles of touch to try: Try small nibbles from the shoulder up to the ears, or gentle kisses up and down the back and nape of the neck. Soft licks can also feel mind-blowing.

The Perineum

Hold up, where's the perineum?

The perineum is the area between the vulva or scrotum, and the anus. It’s often forgotten because the genitals steal the limelight, but this area is extremely sensitive to touch. You can explore this area easily while masturbating, or partnered sex or oral sex to send your partner over the edge.

Styles of touch to try: Gently stroke this area to see how it feels at first, and if you or your partner want more, try massaging the perineum using fingertips for pressure.

The Sacrum

The sacrum is the triangular bone at the bottom of your back (known to cause sexy dimples) and it’s arguably the most surprising erogenous zone. One TikToker recently came out and described how they orgasmed from a sacrum massage alone.

The Arms

Do you or someone you know love arm-tickling? That’s because the skin of the inner arms is extremely soft and thin, which makes it a highly receptive area to sensual touch.

Styles of touch to try: Caress the lower forearm with your fingertips, or knead with your knuckles for more intense pressure. Alternatively, play around with butterfly kisses up and down the arm.

Inner thigh

This area is a major teasing zone: the thigh is so close to the genitals that any touch here is enough to spark a fire.

Styles of touch to try: Graze the hand slowly up and down the thigh area, avoiding the genital area for as long as you can.

The Feet

One in seven people have a foot fetish, which is not a requirement for finding foot action pleasurable. Feet work hard, and are also often neglected! Try giving your or your partner’s feet a little bit of TLC to wind down.

Techniques to try: Start by tickling and massaging the toes and soles of the feet, or apply deeper pressure with your thumb up and down the plantar fasciitis (where foot cramps tend to happen). You can even try touching with licks and nibbles.


You’ve got two meters worth of skin to touch, explore and discover. Erogenous zones are perfect for getting in touch with your own body, elongating foreplay, and introducing new and exciting sensations into sexual play -- which all lead to better sex.

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