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Low Sex Drive In Men

Low sexual desire for men is a general decrease in interest in sexual activity.

To be diagnosed as a sexual dysfunction it needs to persist or recur over six months, according to the DSM-5 regarding male hypoactive sexual desire disorder. It also must cause you “clinically significant distress” such as feelings of anxiety, sadness, and despair.

Low sexual desire can also be lifelong, but most cases are situational. For instance, your mental health, physical health, and other situational factors can affect your desire for sex.

Most people experience fluctuations of sexual desire and sexual attraction over their lifetime. Sometimes, brushing up on how to work with your desire type can be all it takes to get your groove back. Other times, you may benefit from chatting with an expert. like a medical professional about your situation, or seeking sex therapy.

Is my sex drive normal?

It can be hard to tell if your sexual desire is normal. Normal is also not the most helpful term for sex, since everyone enjoys having sex and being sexual differently.

There is no objective way to measure sexual desire across different populations to arrive at a universal standard, we can make generalizations based on data and percentages, but this does not mean every person falls into these parameters.

It is more important to know how you feel about your sexual desire and how you want to bring that into your life with your partner, yourself, or a future partner. Some people are totally happy and satisfied with their sex lives and sometimes that means having comparatively less sex than their peers. On the other hand, others are happy and satisfied when they have more frequent sexual intimacy, which may seem like a lot to others.

I think I'm less interested in sex than I used to be

It is normal for sexual desire to shift over time. This is the case for everyone. If you find it distressing that your sex drive has decreased suddenly and you are feeling concerned about it it is possible to change this. Likewise, you could be experiencing a sudden increase in your sex drive, and it’s interfering with your ability to live your life.