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The Lover App is Now FDA-Approved

We’re so excited to announce that Lover is the first sex therapy app to join the FDA’s Safer Technologies Program (STeP)!

It’s been a long journey.

We launched in 2020, on Valentine’s Day (like every sex app should!). Within a matter of days, we were blown away by the response, with almost 6,000 installs across 91 countries in the first week-- just in time for COVID to hit! With the rest of the world, we reeled, we went remote, and we continued on with the task of delivering virtual sex therapy to people everywhere.

The first and most important thing to do after launching? Learn about how the Lover app was working for our wonderful customers like you.

Here's what we learned

We learned from our users just how well our app’s courses and activities were working. Designed by real doctors and led by our co-founder Dr. Britney Blair, the Lover app’s approach using cognitive behavioral therapy and physical exercises, really works for our users. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness are recognized as safe and effective ways to treat sexual issues, including low libido. Here are just a few highlights of what this looks like for our users:

  • 87% of our users report reduced distress about their sexual problem after using the Lover app. On average, when a user joins our app, their reported distress level on a scale of 1 to 10 is about 6.9%. After using our app, this drops by about 3.9%.

  • 92% of women who use our app are able to climax more easily and consistently during sex, after completing course exercises.

  • 62% of men reported improved erections after completing a program designed to “build erection confidence”’ by performing a range of physical and mental exercises, and 94% of men who start our Erectile Dysfunction course reported feeling less distressed within one week.

Putting Lover to the Test

We believe in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an effective method for treatment, and its long-lasting impact. When it comes to seeking help for a sexual issue, Dr. Britney Blair says, “Going to see a doctor about your sexual health is not easy. It can be embarrassing to talk about, time-consuming and expensive.” With Lover, she adds, “We hope we can help many more people than my team could ever see at our clinic. We want to make sexual wellness accessible to everyone.”