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10 Relationship Goals from Instagram You Need This Valentine's Day

If you’re looking for relationship advice this Valentine’s Day, look no further!

We’ve picked our 10 favorite romantic goals from Instagram to help strengthen your relationship - or your future relationships if you’re single!

After all, Valentine’s Day is really about love. So why not celebrate with some of the most valuable lessons a Lover can learn…

1. Create Shared Activities

Shared activities are a cornerstone of healthy relationships - especially in long-term partnerships. If you’re looking to develop a more fulfilling bond with your partner, challenge yourself to create new shared activities that don’t exist already.

Whether it’s hiking, cooking, or playing board games. It could be going to the movies together! Whatever you decide, your love life will thank you for it.

Maybe your next thing to do together is to take small (or big) trips like this couple:

2. Give Each Other Space

Now we know this sounds contradictory because we’ve just told you how sharing activities is a wonderful way of reconnecting.

But just like a fine wine, relationships can also need a little space to breathe sometimes! And this has never been more true than after two years of lockdowns…

It's important to create time for yourselves, as individuals. Carve out opportunities to do your own thing, see your own friends. But remember, this goes both ways! Make sure your partner feels comfortable taking time for themselves as well.

3. De-stress Together

Let’s face it, modern life is stressful. For you, and your partner. By simply acknowledging this to each other, you’re already defusing the damaging impact stress can have on relationships.

Even better though, try and find time to actively de-stress together. That might mean doing a mindful meditation together (check out our Being Present For Pleasure meditation in the app!). Or it could be simply turning off your phones and reconnecting over a coffee.

Find out what works best for you. But you’ll be amazed at how re-charging together can work wonders on both the individual and the relationship.

4. Learn About Each Other

It might sound like basic relationship advice—but you might be surprised by what you learn about your partner! If you need help coming up with questions to learn about each other, give some of this quiz a try: What kind of lover are you?

After that, you might want to give the Turn-ons game a shot. It is sure to bring up new topics between you and your partner!

For inspiration, check out this couple, who learned their love languages and crafted different parts of their lifestyle to fit their shared needs!

5. Work on Growing together!

It's normal for partners to come to crossroads when you change and grow. The important part is that when you change and grow, you recognize your differences and adjust as a team. This isn't always easy, especially when you've come to know your partner as one thing, and they start to change. You may feel scared. But it's ok! Change is good, and growing as a pair can bring new adventures, romantic spark, and broaden your lives! Check out this couple that has an amazing story of growth together:

6. Share a mantra or catchphrase

Relationships are a team sport, and sometimes having shared references keeps you motivated. Your catchphrase should let your partner know that you're on the same page. You can choose a phrase from your favorite show, a song lyric, or a special saying from your upbringing. As long as it resonates for both of you.

This couple shares some song lyrics that bring them comfort:

7. Gratitude

Saying a genuine "Thank you" to your partner can make a big difference in their day. Showing true appreciation for the things they do for you, in your life, or who they are. It can be as simple as "Thanks for being in my life," but this small phrase will lift both your spirits.

8. Affirmations

Affirmations are more specific to the needs of you and your partner. This should flow both ways. Affirmations can be comforting words to your partner. Such as,

"We are going to be ok."

“I want you to know, you mean the world to me.”

"I love the life we built together.”

If you need an affirmation, you can always ask! For example, you can ask your partner what they like about you. You can try phrasing it like this: “Can you tell me I’m pretty?”

After a fight or disagreement, you can ask for assurance in the same format for example: “Can you let me know we are ok?”

9. Create Shared Goals (big and small)

Whether it’s traveling to specific places, taking a dancing class together, or being better at doing chores, having shared goals can help the two of you think as a team, and therefore perform as a team!

Here is an example of a great dream team:

10. Create Connection Using an App

Apps are a convenient and great way to connect if face-to-face is challenging or feeling stagnant. Therapy apps are a great tool to help couples connect, regardless of where they are in their lives. If you are looking for relationship therapy or sex therapy you've just struck gold!

The Lover App has everything you need on your sexual health journey. Designed by sex and relationship experts, it can help guide couples to the growth they have always wanted. Lover has developed courses personalized to you, helping you learn about yourself, and how to improve your relationship from the inside out!

Check out what Dr. Britney Blair has to say about apps and how they can help you and your partner this year:


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