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How Often Should I Masturbate?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

You've no doubt heard some crazy rumors about the negative impacts of masturbation. From premature aging to infertility - there's a lot of myths going around out there.

Is it healthy to masturbate? 

In reality, there are so many positives to masturbation. Generally, it’s believed that masturbation*;

It doesn’t stop there...if you are struggling with low desire, masturbation for both men and women is a key way to drive sexual desire back up

Against popular assumption, the less you engage sexually… the less you’re going to want it, and by engaging with yourself sexually every now and again, you’ll see your desire come back to life. 

On top of that, masturbation is a common tool used to treat involuntary ejaculation in men; so if you want to last longer in bed or you want to build more control of your orgasm - it’s a good place to start.

The same goes for women. Dr. Britney Blair, Clinical Psychologist and Lover co-founder says “Partnered activity is great, but masturbation is the single best thing people with vaginas can do for their sexual wellness.”

Why? Taking control of your pleasure and understanding your routes to arousal and pleasure are going to, in turn, give you better and more pleasurable sex. If you can communicate that with a sexual partner you’re onto a winner.

How often should I masturbate?

The answer to this question generally depends on your age and gender. But, what is consistent across everybody is that masturbation is an enjoyable, normal and positive part of any healthy sex life. It is the way most of us first learn about sex, and it can also be a wonderful way for us to keep learning about sex deep into adulthood.

Generally, for men over the age of 25, it’s best to limit masturbation to once every 48-72 hours. This is beneficial not just for the quality of your erections, but also the quality of your orgasms*. 

This is especially relevant if you find yourself struggling with erections or orgasm, either in solo or partnered sex. 

That said, if you are younger than 25 there is no scientific evidence to suggest that masturbation has any negative impacts on your health, orgasm or erection quality. 

However, for any person of any age if you find the amount you are masturbating comes to affect your daily life and relationships it’s always best to reassess your relationship with masturbation. 

Can a woman masturbate too much? 

Luckily for women, the answer given by most professional therapists, including Dr. Britney Blair (Lover co-founder), is “the more the better”. 

Daily masturbation for women is actually a really effective way to drive up desire and it helps women to reach climax more consistently in partnered sex. 

Switch up your masturbation style!

If you are masturbating frequently, we advise you to switch up your masturbation style every now and again. By introducing variety into your regime it’s going to open you up to more routes to sexual pleasure and orgasm. On top of that, it’s going to get you used to a greater range of sexual situations and experiences. 

Most of us have a favorite “route to orgasm”. That might be our location, position, technique or fantasy. Or more likely a combination of all these.

But, when this comes to partnered sex it can make it more difficult to reach orgasm. If you are only ever masturbating in one way, it’s natural that your body becomes accustomed to it. For example, the death grip.

The death grip is a masturbation style that involves too tight a grip. Sexual therapists, including Lover co-founder Dr. Britney Blair, generally advise against this*. 

Why? Any method that doesn’t resemble the type of stimulation you would get from a partner during sex can make it more difficult for you to reach orgasm in partnered sex.

That said, this is where masturbation becomes a great tool. It can actually serve as an incredibly powerful means for optimizing your sexual health, by helping you unlearn old and unhelpful habits and re-learn more positive ones. 

Re-learning some new routes to orgasm and pleasure is going to give you and your partner(s) a much wider range of experiences to enjoy during partnered sex.

So there you have it! If you're interested in how you can have a healthier, more satisfying sex life - download the Lover app today. Or check out how Lover can help you: here.



'The New Male Sexuality' by Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D.



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