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Intimacy And The Erotic

Updated: Jun 17

For many couples who want to know how to bring passion back into a relationship, it can be tempting (and understandable) to focus purely on the sexual. After all, that's where the issue feels most acute - and where it is perhaps the most visible.

But for many couples, the root of their issue could lie outside of the bedroom altogether. Because if you're feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner, it can have a major impact on your erotic connection as well.

If this is the case, then you might need to focus on rebuilding that emotional connection first and getting your romantic relationship back on track, before looking to bring passion back into your relationship in the bedroom.

Focusing on Emotional Intimacy

No matter how strong your relationship is, if you stay together for long enough there are likely to be periods where you're not feeling as connected to your partner as you have been in the past.

Don't panic - reduced emotional intimacy and disconnect from time to time is perfectly normal. It's all part of how relationships evolve as each partner matures, and it isn't necessarily a sign that something is fundamentally broken. All types of relationships go through peaks and troughs.

But it can take a bit of work to build that connection back up. And if you're finding that your sex life is dropping off at the same time, re-establishing that emotional intimacy can become an especially important part of your relationship to focus on.

How To Build Emotional Intimacy

A surprisingly simple approach to this common question, is to think back to when you first met in the early throes of romance. What made those early days and dates special? Talking, laughter, and learning about each other perhaps?

Visualization is an effective tool used by anyone from sports stars to therapists. It's been proven that by visualizing a scenario, you're actually building the brain patterns which come into play when that scenario is a possibility - thereby giving yourself the best chance of bringing it to reality. And there's no reason why it can't be effective for you too.

Try to immerse yourself in those memories, and remember how you felt towards your partner at the time. Visualize getting back to those same feelings with them now - and what that would look like today. And if possible, get your partner to do the same.

How Lover Can Help

Lover is here to help make your relationships stronger, by enhancing the erotic connection between you and your partner. Through our resident advisor and co-founder Dr. Britney Blair, we know that many couples want to know how to bring passion back into a relationship.

Through science-based strategies and tools and techniques, we offer a helpful guide to getting your romantic relationships back on track.

So why not download Lover today and get to work!


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