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10 Steps to Reignite Sexual Desire

Sexual desire can often get tied up in ideas about relationship health. Questions like, "How many times a week should we be having sex?" "Are we having enough sex?" “Are we having the right kinds of sex?” “How long should we be having sex for?” seem like they’re really about something deeper: "Is our relationship healthy?"

Like any other part of a strong relationship, a healthy sex life requires work and attention. Like a garden, it’ll flourish in some be seasons when it flourishes, and seasons when it lies fallow -- but it will always require deliberate attention. If you’ve stopped giving your sex life the care it deserves, you might not know what part of the garden to tackle first. You might even feel like you want to bulldoze the whole thing. Bringing back intimacy in a long-term relationship is possible. Here’s where to start.

How to Bring Back Intimacy in a Relationship

If your sex life has waned, be compassionate to your partner and yourself. You are not alone. Nearly everyone in any type of long-term sexual relationship experiences changes in their sex lives eventually, and many wonder how to bring back intimacy — or whether they even can.

Bringing back intimacy and rekindling sexual desire are absolutely possible, and Dr. Britney Blair co-founded Lover to help couples do just that. Here are 10 techniques that she uses with her patients.

1. Create Space

Sometimes a little distance can be just what you need to get your libidos firing again!

It may sound counterintuitive, but try to create some space or distance somewhere in your romantic relationship. Spend time with different hobbies, foster independent