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20 of the Best Sex Scenes from the Past Decade

January is arguably the most cold and boring month of all, which also makes it a perfect time to stay in, curl up and make every night a movie night. To save you from endlessly scrolling through Netflix, we picked out 20 films that will turn the heat up and get you in the mood.

Atlantics (2019)

Photo: Netflix

At first, this may seem like your typical Romeo and Juliet story, but it soon reveals itself to be much much more than that. The film follows the lives of Ada, and her partner, Souleiman, as they face challenges from class to grief.

Atonement (2017)

That library scene!

Back in 2019, Keira Knightley told Vulture it was the best sex scene she’s ever done...

What made it so great, she explained, was the fact that director Joe Wright “choreographed the scene within an inch of its life. It was absolutely, ‘Foot goes up there, hand goes up there.’ So both me and James [McAvoy] felt utterly comfortable and not exposed, and like we could deal with it. It’s never gonna be fun, but we could deal with it.

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Brokeback Mountain (2005)