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S*x Position Of The Week: The Full Nelson

Step right up to the intimate embrace where flexibility meets fondness in a merry mix-up of limbs and laughs.

The Full Nelson is the love knot that requires a dash of gymnastics and a sprinkle of trust, making it perfect for couples who think that a good twist is the best ingredient for a spicy evening.

Deep Impact (or Shoulder Holder) sex position, how to do it

The Setup

Prepare your personal arena with care. This is not just any room; it’s where the magic of the Full Nelson will unfold. Cushions? Check. Soft lighting to set the mood? Check.

A playlist of tunes that says, "I'm ready for love's gymnastics"? Triple check. Ensure everything fragile is a safe distance away because you'll tend to get more carried away in this position than you might imagine!

Getting Into Position

To really go "Full Nelson", the penetrating partner needs to play the 'Bedrock' part. Does that sound sexy? Possibly not. Does it feel sexy? Absolutely. You're the foundation of intimacy for your partner, and you'll love the feeling of their full weight pressing down as you explore together.

The receiving partner then climbs on top and positions themselves for whatever type of penetration they're in the mood for. Both vaginal and anal penetration work equally well in this position, so take your pick (depending on your gender of course).

Whatever your choice, we'd recommend starting in the Reverse Cowgirl position, straddling your partner sitting upright with a straight back, and facing away from them. Lower yourself onto your partner and pause to enjoy the sensations of penetration. Take things slowly at this point - remember that no movement can sometimes be as satisfying as lots of movement.

Once you're settled, the receiving partner can lean backwards and "lie" on top of the penetrating partner. Take care to do this slowly, and in a way in which the penetrating partner doesn't slip out from your vulva or anus.

At this point, the penetrating partner should loop their arms under their partner's legs, and pull them backwards and upwards, helping them backwards as far as is comfortable. Clear verbal communication is crucial to getting the balance right at this point.

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Getting Going

Once you're in position, it's time to rock n roll. Quite literally. A gentle rocking motion is the best way to get started, and as always you're going to want to start slow.

Depending on the size of the penetrating partner's penis or strapon, you'll need to manage the rocking motion carefully to ensure you're not constantly slipping out. Start small and work up, again focusing on verbal communication to make sure you're both on the same page.

Once you reach that happy place - maximum penetration and pleasure but without the danger of slipping out - the penetrating partner can start to take the lead, using more of a thrusting motion.

After that, the journey will take you wherever you want to go. Manage the speed and depth of your thrusts accordingly, and enjoy everything the Full Nelson has to offer!


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