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S*x Position Of The Week: The Banana Split

Welcome to our new home for The Position Of The Week! And we're kicking off with an old favourite.... 🎉 🍌 🔥 This is one for everyone - the youngun's and the not-so-younguns (we see you!) alike. And really, the clue is in the name. One person does the splits. One person's banana does the... We're pretty sure you can figure out the rest.

But just in case you can't, here's a whole guide to help you get the most out of The Banana Split 😅

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The Setup

One of the reasons The Banana split is SO popular is because of it's simplicity. No acrobatics or stretching needed for this week. Well - perhaps a little bit of stretching for the receiving partner!

And the setup is SUPER simple as well. All you need, is your trustworthy bed. And when we say all you need, we mean it. This isn't one for the carpet (think red raw knees) or the staircase (no room to split those limbs wide). Just get yourselves onto the bed.

No need to get fancy here - however, a few light touches can make all the difference. We absolutely recommend the receiving partner having a pretty soft pillow to rest their head on / scream into / grab and hold onto for dear life (delete as appropriate).

And another pillow close to hand is also a good idea. This can be used to raise the hips of the receiving partner, should your angles need a little adjusting to maximise penetration depth and pleasure. Playing around with these "settings" is always a great idea, so don't get all carried away and forget to do that!

Getting Into Position

Again, this part is pretty straightforward for The Banana Split. The receiving partner goes on their front and the penetrating partner gets ready to, ahem, mount from behind.

Now. Don't rush things. After all, if you're the receiving partner then you're in a brilliant position to lead with someone other than your "banana". Consider some oral action to get your partner into a tantilising state. You might also consider using your hands, fingers or any toys you've got to hand.

If you're not feeling so confident about this part, you might want to consider some of the guidance in the Lover app. Not only do we have exercises to get you comfortable with the concept of Coreplay (Not Foreplay!), but we've got specific modules on oral s*x and using your fingers to great effect.

(or just click the banner to download if you're on mobile!)

Getting Going

Once your partner is fully warmed up though, it's time to get going.

For the receiving partner, this is the moment to spread your legs as wide apart as you can. Of course, for some that is going to be wider than others, but just do what's comfortable for you. No need to push your body beyond it's limits. A dislocated hip isn't turning anyone on!

If you're the penetrating partner, guide yourself into your partner, and then experiment with extending your upper body into a scorpion position. This is going to help with both penetration depth and rythmn.

Rock n' Roll

At this point, it's all down to your own style and preferences. The penetrating partner can switch between a circular grinding motion, a faster thrusting motion or an 'oh so slow but good' sensual slide.

For the receiving partner, it's all about angles and communication. Try lifting your buttocks, shifting your weight to one side or the other - and of course a little pressure pushing back onto your partner won't hurt either.

But the most important thing is communication. Your partner can't see your face (most likely), so both verbal and non-verbal communication is going to be your best friend. Moans, groans and f**k yeahs will help guide your partner towards the pace, rythmn and position that works best for both of you.


So there you have it! The Banana Split is one of our favorites, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. Accessible, effective and intimate, it’s a position that creates endless pleasure for both partners (without the need to call a chiropractor after).

Let us know what you think of it once you’ve given it a go!

And if you’re ready to take your love life to the next level, don’t forget to download the Lover app and try out our 3-day Free Trial. Remember – 87% of users say it improved their love life within 10 days!

87% of people report feeling happier about their sex life after using Lover for 10 days

(or just click the banner to download if you're on mobile!)


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