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S*x Position Of The Week: The Wheelbarrow

Roll up your sleeves, because it's time to get down to some playful 'yard work' with The Wheelbarrow! Perfect for those who like their romance with a side of giggles and a touch of gym class nostalgia 😅

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The Setup

Clear out some space because you're about to turn your bedroom into a playful construction site. Make sure to lay down a cushion or two – after all, safety first (and knees second)!

A soft rug is also ideal - remember, this is not just about safety, but also about creating a cushioned landing for all that laughter-induced tumbling. In fact, if you want to just go to town and create a whole landscape of cushions and soft landings, then go for it. Just make to leave somewhere flat for the "wheelbarrow" hands to go.

Getting Into Position

One partner acts as the 'gardener,' standing tall and ready. The other, the 'wheelbarrow,' gets into a hands-on-the-floor position, reminiscent of those schoolyard races, but with a cheeky twist. The standing partner lifts their partner's legs like they're hauling the most precious cargo – which, let's be honest, they are!

Here’s where the 'gardener' flexes their muscles and the 'wheelbarrow' demonstrates their balance and trust. The 'wheelbarrow' is in charge of steering, so let’s hope they’re good with directions! It's a team effort that's less about the destination and more about the joyous journey.

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Getting Going

The tricky part of this position is always penetration. Some people will go for the "one-hander" technique, where they're only holding one of their partner's ankles, using their other hand to guide themselves into their partner. Be warned, this tends to work better when the receiving partner has the core strength not to be destabilised by the uneven ankle support while this is happening!

The other approach is the "docking approach" 😅 This involves the penetrating partner keeping hold of both ankles and trying to guide their partner back and "onto" them.

Whichever approach you choose, just remember that navigating this position requires a mix of coordination, strength, and a good sense of humour.

Tips For Enhanced Pleasure

  • Variety is the spice of life, and of wheelbarrows! Change up your grip, leg position, or even take a 'detour' for added fun.

  • The 'wheelbarrow' isn’t just a passive participant – they can rock, sway, or even 'honk' for laughs and extra enjoyment.

  • Above all, keep the communication open and the mood light. The best part of this playful position is the shared joy and connection.

The Wheelbarrow is more than just a position; it's a delightful romp through the garden of love and laughter. It's about embracing the silly side of intimacy and making memories that are as joyful as they are passionate. Remember, it's all about the fun you have along the way – so let your love and laughter bloom!

Let us know what you think of it once you’ve given it a go!


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