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How Can I Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally? 

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that affects many men. In fact, over 50% of men over 50 will experience some form of moderate or mild erectile dysfunction in their lifetime.

The causes are varied: some men may experience this from hormonal imbalances, while others can develop it from negative sexual experiences.

If you're one looking for cures for erectile dysfunction, there are plenty of options. Unlike short-term solutions such as the Viagra, there are certain natural options that can have a longer-term impact.

Masturbation Practices

Masturbation is usually our starting point to learn about sexual pleasure. It's normal to revisit self-pleasure to try to understand your body better.

Masturbation is an effective tool for tackling sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. This is especially true for men who have struggled with erections for six months or longer.

Masturbation can help men to feel more comfortable with the natural loss of erection. Without a partner present, there's less pressure to maintain an erection and men can become comfortable (and confident!) that an erection will come back even if it wanes.

The Lover app includes a course that explains exactly how to use masturbation as a tool to address erectile dysfunction. Up to 80% of men who have tried the course have seen improvements in just six weeks!

Regular Exercise

Studies have shown that 23% of men who are inactive have erectile dysfunction. Health conditions like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure can dramatically increase the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction.

Exercise is critical for keeping these health conditions at bay and supports healthy erectile functioning. Even for 30 minutes a day, making sure you aren’t sedentary all day can do wonders. 

Healthy Eating