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Ask Dr. Blair | How Do I Stop a Mental Block During Sex?

How do I stop mental blocks during sex?

Mental blocks are common, and they happen to all of us— in and out of the bedroom! These are distracting thoughts that take us out of the present, preventing us from focusing on our pleasure and on our partner(s).

One of the best ways to get out of your mind and back into your body is to use your five senses.

When the mental block pops up, see if you can shift your attention to a part of your partner’s body that you can see or touch. Focus on their erogenous zones, and tour their body.

Try to bring all of your attention to your sense of sight, touch, sound, taste. By harnessing your five senses, you can get yourself out of an unsexy headspace and into a very erotic body space. Mindfulness practices in and outside of the bedroom can help you to recognize mental blocks while they're happening and to stop it in its tracks by shifting your attention.


In the Lover app, you can learn more from exercises and techniques to get you out of your head and back into your body during sex. Download it here to get started.


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