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Lover's Sex Position Of The Week: The Arch

Brace yourselves, dear Lover readers, as we present our latest position of the week, which will perhaps raise a few eyebrows.

We're talking about "The Arch." To be clear, this isn't your usual sex position, and it isn't for the faint of heart. It is an advanced position that demands strength, agility, trust, excellent communication, and even a good sense of humor too. Oh, and a relaxed attitude to personal injury might be helpful!

The Arch sex position, how to do it

But for those gymnasts amongst us who are brave enough to try, we’ll dive into the back-breakingly pleasurable world of The Arch, and all it has to offer.

The Arch sex position: What is it?

It’s no exaggeration to say that The Arch is a position that stretches the boundaries of conventional sexual interactions. It demands a certain level of flexibility, balance, and strength from both partners. To help set realistic expectations, it's important to understand that The Arch is a position that might require quite a few failed attempts before you even get anywhere near penetration!!

The name derives from the form the penetrating partner assumes in this position, similar to an arched bridge. It might seem complex at first glance, but its complexity is precisely what makes it a memorable and rewarding experience, offering an unparalleled depth of penetration and stimulation for both partners.

Getting Into Position

Getting into The Arch position is not easy.

The penetrating partner first lies down on their back and places their hands on the floor behind them, palms down. This bit (and only this bit) is actually easier than it sounds.

The next step is to press up off your palms and your feet simultaneously while thrusting your hips to the ceiling. You might find it easier to go with your top half first and follow with the bottom half – or vice versa.

Crucially, your partner (the one receiving penetration) should be on standby to help. Almost like a weights spotter in a gym, they should follow the small of your back with their hands, and gently assist in raising your hips up.

And keep the name of the position in mind. You’re not going to be able to see much, but try to feel your body towards the position which forms the strongest arch. That might differ from person to person – some will prefer to have their hips a little lower, and others will want maximum extension. Find the position which feels like it gives you the most strength.

Time To Climb On

Now, with the penetrating partner set, it's time for the receiving partner to carefully climb on.

Akin to a player meticulously strategizing their final move in a game of Jenga, this part needs to be done with extreme care and economy of impact. Central to which, is the ability to support yourself fully as you lower yourself down onto your partner.

If your legs aren’t long enough to reach the floor either side of your partner as you do this, then setting up some kind of platform for your feet is absolutely crucial. Books, pillows, yoga blocks or even small tables should all work. Trust us, no matter how small you are, your partner is not going to be able to support your full weight in this position!

The Penetration Part

Once both partners have found a comfortable(!) position, you might be tempted to go straight for a bouncing motion. Which for obvious reasons, might be a very bad idea indeed.

Instead, try to start with a rocking motion, with the receiving partner moving their hips backward and forwards rather than up and down. The advantage of The Arch position is the naturally very deep penetration it provides, so you’re likely to find that rocking motion even more pleasurable than normal.

Take it slow, and keep an eye on your partner (especially the penetrating one!) to see how they’re doing. You can slowly build up the speed of rocking, and if you’re both feeling up to it – eventually try a bounce or two. But hold yourself back – it’s very unlikely the penetrating partner will be able to deal with their receiving partner going full “Cowgirl”!

87% of people report feeling happier about their sex life after using Lover for 10 days

87% of people report feeling happier about their sex life after using Lover for 10 days

Pros of the Arch Position

Deep Penetration

The Arch enables a high amount of penetration that is both deep and intense. For both parties involved, this deeper penetration can take sensations and pleasure to a whole new level.

Novelty and Excitement

Introducing a novel and -frankly- challenging position, like The Arch, can give your sexual life a fresh breath of air. Experimenting can increase intimacy by adding novelty and excitement to your sexual life, allowing you and your partner to connect on a deeper level while having fun.

Shared Adventure

Trying to perform The Arch requires cooperation, trust, communication, and a sense of humor —all of which can strengthen your relationship. The shared experience of overcoming a sexy struggle, like the Arch, can deepen your connection and create a priceless memory.

Cons and Considerations of the Arch Position

Physical Demand

Achieving The Arch can be physically demanding. It calls for strength, equilibrium, and flexibility, especially from the penetrating partner, who could find it challenging to hold this position for more than thirty seconds.

Preparation Required

It may take some planning, preparation, and gym hours to pull The Arch successfully. You might need to warm up or stretch before attempting this posture, depending on your level of fitness and flexibility.

Potential for Discomfort or Injury

Because of how physically demanding it is, there is a chance of discomfort or even injury, especially if you don't take the time to prepare or hurry into the position without being physically and mentally prepared.

Overall - Yay or Nay?

The Arch sex position seems almost impossible to achieve; while not for everyone, this position promises a remarkable experience in terms of both physical intimacy and the emotional attachment it can create for those willing to take a chance on the unknown.

Yes, it might take a few tries to get it right, and yes, it might result in some unanticipatedly humorous situations. Never forget that the journey and shared experiences that strengthen your relationship with your partner are more important than mastering a challenging sex position. It's about accepting the trust, laughing at the embarrassing situations, and respecting each other's bodies.


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