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Generation C - The Covid Baby Boom

'Generation C' should become the collective name for children conceived during the Covid-19 lockdown and born nine months later, according to our new poll.

It outscored such rivals as 'Generation Q' [for Quarantine], 'Quaranteenies' and 'Coronials', in a national poll of 1,005 Americans conducted by Ipsos eNation on behalf of Lover.

"There are so many signs that people are having more sex under lockdown that there will surely be a cohort of children born as a result", says Nick Pendle, one of our co-founders.

Like every generation, the cohort born after this apparent sex boom will need a name. And 'Generation C' – for Covid or Coronavirus – would, our poll suggests, be the best choice.

Quaranteensies, Coronials & Virennials

Respondents to the poll picked their single preferred name for the generation of post-Covid babies from a list of 10 suggestions.

The name 'Generation C' topped the poll on 20%, a mere handful of votes ahead of 'Generation Q' (also 20%) in second place and 'Quaranteenies' (19%) in third.

(Note that ‘Quaranteenies’ are NOT to be confused with ‘Quarantinis’, as in experimental cocktails, mixed from whatever ingredients you happen to have left at home.)

Next came 'Coronials' (12%), 'Pandemials' (11%) and 'Covinnials' (6%), followed by 'Generation V' (4%), 'Covidials' (4%), 'Epidemials' (2%) and 'Virennials' (2%).

Other potential terms for children conceived under lockdown, which did not even make Lover’s top 10, include ‘Covivials’, ‘Convivials’, ‘Generation L’ (L for Lockdown) and, more spookily, ‘Children of the Quarn.’


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