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Is Crying After Sex Normal?

postcoital dysphoria crying after sex

Why do I cry after sex with my partner?

You might be reading this because you are crying after having amazing, consensual sex with a loving partner.

It’s confusing when this happens, especially if you’ve had a good time and feel safe. Your mind seems to slip into an abyss suddenly, and you might struggle to get out of it. About 2% of women in a 2015 study said that they “almost always” or “always” cry after sex.[1]

One person who experiences this phenomenon repeatedly is Sarah Bird, a 36-year-old UK native in a happy and fulfilling relationship with her partner Aaron. “When [crying while orgasming] first started, I used to try and hold it in. But if I don’t cry, I don’t orgasm, so I’ve just let it be,” she told The Sun.

She also says the tears change depending on the emotional state surrounding her relationship. Sarah continues to say, “Sometimes, when we’re in a really good place in our relationship, it’ll be tears of joy. At the same time, if we’re having a bad few weeks, I’ll get upset.”

On the other hand, crying after an orgasm can be due to the rush of hormones and emotions from an orgasm. You might find that while you achieve massive bodily release, your emotions come through the floodgates as well. Sarah Bird echoes this same feeling, saying

“It wasn’t just the emotions, it was the pleasure, too.”

Tears of Joy During Sex

You might experience happy tears during or after sex that well up because of hormones and how emotionally connected you feel to your partner. Dr. Tantry at