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How Can I Create A Romantic Date Night At Home? 

Most of us have spent the last 10 months in some shape or form confined to our homes, unable to escape to see friends or go out on the usual date nights with our partner. And it's left many of us somewhat frustrated...maybe to the point where home may be the last place you want to have a date right now!

Even if it’s a bit more difficult to head out at the moment, it's important not to give up on date night altogether. There are SO many options to choose from that can make our date night at home special and romantic. 

Lover co-founder and clinical psychologist Dr. Britney Blair says that “Planning a romantic evening where the intention is to connect erotically and emotionally is more important than ever.”


Well, if you've been stuck at home with your partner for the last few months, your desire has likely waned. And that is, in part, because separation and apartness are key for the erotic. We all know there's not too much separation when you're on top of each other, working from home.

It's also been a very stressful period for many of us, and stress is not conducive to feeling sexual. In fact, 85% of people will report decreased desire when stressed. 

So, we need to be actively creating a space that enables us to switch off from our day-to-day. We need to set the tone for being sexual. We need to think of new ways to connect with our partners. And, this is where a date night comes in handy!

Obviously, we’re a bit more restricted because of social distancing. But there are still loads of new and unique date ideas that can make for a special evening.

So, if you’re up for getting out of your sweatpants and into something nice, here’s a few ideas… 

A picnic under the stars

All you need are some light bites and beverages. Add a cozy blanket, some pillows, and, of course, mood music to the mix. 

Wine tasting