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Ask Dr. Blair | How Can I Get My Pregnant Wife to Have Sex with me?

It depends why your pregnant wife is not wanting to engage in erotic contact with you.

For some people, the idea of having intercourse while pregnant isn’t appealing, for other people it can be painful. Is she willing to have a conversation with you? Maybe consider engaging in erotic activities that don’t involve intercourse for a bit, and see if she’s receptive to that. Oral sex, body mapping, or general stimulation of the erogenous zones are all great territories to explore. Maybe slow things way down and engage in more foreplay, and see if she can get turned on that way, and is more amenable to intercourse after.

It also depends on what stage of pregnancy she’s in and how her hormones are. Some women get very horny during pregnancy, others are just the opposite.

I would be compassionate with your wife, given that she’s growing a human being, and think about ways you can connect outside of the erotic and hopefully this can lead to the erotic as well. No matter what, it has to start with a conversation.


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