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Women Taking Charge In Bed

Modern women want to take charge in bed and decide when and how sex happens, according to the latest Lover study.

Comparing over 20,000 profiles that have been completed by users of our Sexual Profile Indicator, we were able to identify some fascinating insights into how the men and women of today's world operate in the bedroom.

And it's the women who emerge as the most likely gender to take charge in the bedroom. By some way the most popular profile among the study’s 13,100 women turned out to be "The Sovereign" – the sexual profile who likes to take the lead in bed, decide the time and place for sex and teach their lover new sexual tricks.

Examples of a typical Sovereign are the likes of Daenerys Targaryen, the bold and confident young heroine of Game of Thrones, and Mrs. Robinson, the older woman who seduces a young Dustin Hoffman in the Sixties movie classic, The Graduate.

The Sovereign was the sexual type of some 20% (19.6%) of the 13,100 women in Lover's study. This placed it well ahead of "The Adventurer" in second place, on 15.1%, and "The Sensualist" in third place, on 14.6%.

Signs Of Generational Change

Commenting on our study, Lover founder Dr. Britney Blair noted that "This result may be the sign of a generational change. It suggests that modern women feel more sexually empowered than their mothers or grandmothers and, as a result, want more control in the bedroom – or, at least, get turned on by telling their lover what they want and showing them “the ropes.”

Indeed, over two-thirds (67%) of the 13,100 women in our study were under 30 (age 17-29), with a further 20% in their thirties. They came from over 100 different countries, with the U.S. accounting for by far the largest single share.

Common Female Lover Types

So, what type of lover precisely is "The Sovereign"?

"The Sovereign enjoys being in charge and likes to take control of when – and how – sex happens", says Dr. Blair.