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How To Increase Male Libido

If you’re one of the millions of men in the US wondering ‘why has my libido gone’, then this one's for you.

Having a low sex drive can feel very distressing, especially when it starts to take a toll on your confidence, relationships and your mood. However, low libido isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Sexual desire will vary from person to person, and it will also change throughout an individual's lifetime. 

That said, if you are looking for answers on how to increase male libido - there are various treatments and solutions available. Which one is right for you will be largely dependent on the root cause of your low sex drive.

But before we go through treatments and solutions, let’s recap and look at some of the potential causes of having a low sex drive. 

  • Psychological causes include depression, relationship dissatisfaction, and stress 

  • Physiological causes include too little or too much exercise, reduced hormone levels and other sexual dysfunctions that can impact a man's ability to simply want or enjoy sex...

When to see a doctor?

Low sex drive in men and sexual dysfunction can be a sign of underlying health conditions. So, if you notice an abnormal change in your sex drive we'd always recommend visiting a health care provider. These are some other warning signs of underlying health conditions:

  • Pain when having sex 

  • High blood pressure 

  • Low sex drive after starting a new mediation or going through surgery 

  • Low libido which causes psychological distress or serious relationship issues

That said, having a low sex drive is very common among both men and women. A recent study by David Schnarch, PhD found that only 26% of couples engage in weekly sex! So, if you are finding yourself in a sexless relationship, or you are engaging in sex less than you’d like here are some solutions...

How to increase male libido

Natural methods 

Practicing mindfulness can be a great remedy to combat anxiety - which is one of the leading psychological causes for low desire. 

Some people like to try herbs to increase male libido, but it’s always best to check with a medical professional first as there can be side effects to this. 

Address problems within your relationship

It can be tempting to just focus on the erotic to bring back desire into a relationship, especially because that’s where it feels most acute. But, if you are feeling emotionally disconnected with your partner or you have a sexless relationship, it’s always best to address those problems first before diving into improving your erotic connection. 

Focus on foreplay (or coreplay as we like to call it)

Generally, the more pleasurable sex we have the more we want it… Focusing on foreplay is not just a great way to improve sex for both partners, but it also helps you build up desire and arousal before you move to sex. 

On top of that, engage in some ‘afterplay’ too, many people report it increases their sex drive for the next time they engage in sex.  

And, if you don’t have a partner, masturbation is one of the best tools we have to find out what turns us on and what doesn’t. So, experiment with different styles and see what works for you! 

Practice a healthy lifestyle

That includes getting enough sleep, having a healthy diet and exercising (and also no smoking!) 


Many medications can have a negative impact on your sex drive. If you think this might be the case it's best to check back in with your healthcare provider to see what they can offer.

Some men seek out low testosterone treatment to combat a low sex drive. However, low testosterone isn’t the only driver of sexual desire in men, and it naturally declines for all men as they age. But, if you are concerned by an abnormal or extreme lack of desire - then this may be an area to check on. 

It’s also worth mentioning that drugs to improve your erection (e.g. viagra) won’t boost your sex drive, they are just short term aids to help you with erectile dysfunction


If in doubt - seek help! Having a low sex drive can sometimes feel very debilitating and often some one-to-one guidance can be the best route to overcome the psychological causes of low sex drive in men.

At Lover, we also have expert-designed personalized courses and guidance also to help you get back on track. To find out more - download the Lover app today, or see How Lover Can Help You.


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